Why Podcast?

Virtually, Everyone is Listening?

 In 2018, 44% of Americans ages 12 and older have ever listened to a podcast, according to Edison Research and Triton Digital survey data, and 26% have listened to a podcast in the past month, up from just 9% in 2008.That said, technically who listens to YOUR podcast is up to you! A strong podcasting strategy should include professional production as well as a robust marketing plan targeted to your demographic. Here is some additional data on podcast listenership:

·     At 27%, slightly more men listen to podcasts than women 24%

·     Podcast listeners are affluent and well educated, 16% have an annual household income of $150K or more compared to 10% of the general US population.

·     Podcast listeners have strong social brand following behavior– when asked “do you follow brands on twitter and facebook” – 48% of podcast listeners said yes, as opposed to 31% of the general population

·     Podcast listeners are active on social media – 94% of podcast listeners are on social media vs. 81% of the general US population.

·     Weekly podcast listeners spend a mean time of 6hrs 37mins/weeklistening to podcasts.

·     42% listen to the entire episode while 44% listen to most – by and large, listeners are loyal and committed to hearing out the whole episode.

·     They listen while on the go – 69% of podcast listeners listen on a mobile device or tablet



Your audience is enormous!

68 million people listen to podcasts monthly, that number has nearly doubled over the past 4 years from 12% of the US population to 24% today. That number is due to increase such that by 2021, the listener audience will skyrocket to 112 million. And this growth has benefited the ad industry too: in the past two years, podcasting ad revenue has grown by double digits from $69 million in 2015 to a projected $220 in 2017. (IAB Podcast Ad Revenue Study, 2017)

Podcasting is intimate relationship building

 The average podcast listener stays connected for 22 minutes on average (Sticher). This is one of the reasons why including podcasting as part of a long form content marketing strategy is so powerful. You have the opportunity to build a deep, rich relationship with your target audience.

intimately connect with your target audience 

When you drive in your car and flip through radio stations to decide “what you’re in the mood for” or “what you feel like listening to” – you’re stuck with the 20-40 stations some else has decided you might like. With podcasting listeners seek out their interest and commit to a program. For instance: I love to cook, I’d like to get better at it, who can teach me best?The person who is going to download and listen to this program will do so intently and intentionally. They’ll pay attention, become loyal to your brand and buy what you are selling.  

Be seen as an expert

If you are spending time researching topics for your podcast with your hands dirty in all that content every week – you pretty much are an expert. Your audience will trust that you’ve culled all the information so they don’t have to. Another great way to build brand loyalty.

 Reach a global audience

Popular radio hosts long for syndication; a way to get their voice/message heard around the world. Podcasting is instant syndication as you are in full control over your target audience.

 Become the media

Because you are creating content when and how you want to, you don’t have to rely on news stations etc. to come to you for a story – you’re already creating it.

Timeless Content Builds Brand Loyalty

Podcast listeners who find a show they like tend to go back and listen to previous episodes. So, no matter how popular the first episode of your podcast is, the number of listeners to it will continue to grow – FOREVER.  IE; when you release episode 10 and new listeners find it – they will go back and listen to episodes 1-9 so that tail of content/branding/information will continue to grow.

Podcasts allow People To Multitask

 People can listen to it while they drive to work, walk the dog, etc. How can you NOT establish a relationship when you are literally in their ears. 37 Million people have gym memberships.  CNet reportedthat Apple is going to end up selling 1 billion iOS devices by 2015 and already 410 million of these devices have been sold. CNet reported that 500 million Android deviceshave already been activated. There are also 97 million people who drive aloneevery day to work.