Podcasting: An Intimate How To

Come and learn all about podcasting with Larj Media! Larj is an award winning podcast production company lead by producer Tina Nole. For three hours Tina and her team will teach you all the basics of making your own podcast - from what equipment to buy, to how to distribute your show. There will also be time for a Q&A where you can pick the Larj Team’s brain on everything and anything podcast related. You’ll also receive our guidebook and snacks!

From equipment to publishing we’ll tell you what you need to start a podcast.

You'll learn:

  • Pre Production - show sheets, building episodes - series or weekly

  • Equipment

  • Interview skills

  • How and where to publish

  • Tips on editing and where to find editors - editing lite

Thank you Seattle Business!

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A Seattle Company Is Working to Get More Women Into Podcasting

Larj Media's new network will feature podcasts developed, produced and hosted by women.


  • Seattle-based Larj Media has launched the Larj Network to feature podcasts developed, produced and hosted by women. “We want to create a platform for women of diverse backgrounds to have a distinct voice,” says Tina Nole, Larj Media’s founder and creative executive director.


The current political climate and our kind hearts have compelled us, here at Larj Media, to volunteer our services and help give a voice to young people who are interested in podcasting. We're excited to share with you a program we're doing at Foster High School in Tukwilla Washington.  Students quickly learned how to use all the equipment, record their show and add music in post production. We're thrilled to continue our work and will release the show when the boys are good and ready!