You are an audiophile with a passion for telling stories using audio, music and sounds. You can take a long meandering discussion and reduce so it is concise and exactly to-the-point. You take pride in finding just the right beat to convey the mood and emotion of the story.

What you bring:

  • 2 - 5 years of experience in broadcast production/post-production or similar area

  • Expert at working with audio editing software, specifically Adobe Audition, proficient with audio editing programs, recording and studio equipment.

  • Experience organizing, managing and archiving audio files

  • Attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines and work collaboratively with producers and clients

  • Ability to problem-solve and resolve audio issues while listening for audio that may require removal or rework during recording.

  • Ability to manage multiple priorities concurrently while meeting deadlines.

  • A creative ear for storytelling

What you’ll do:

  • Edit interviews between 2 – 3 hosts/guests on a wide variety of complex topics and concepts

  • Arrange conversations to create a linear narrative

  • Research and source audio clips to enhance the narrative and enrich the story

  • Deliver fully edited podcasts

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