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Tina Nole

Founder: Chief Creative Officer

Tina has spent 10+ years in the trenches of broadcast journalism, creating content, managing talent and winning awards. An Executive Producer at Air America, Long Form Producer at CBS News, Executive Producer for Dave Ross, Ron Reagan (jr.), Gil Gross, Charles Jaco, Harry Shearer, and CBS News Radio Network. She produced Edward R. Murrow award-winning coverage of the 2007 Pennsylvania Primary.  Tina founded Larj in 2011 when she returned home after traveling the world producing for Peter Greenberg Worldwide. When she's not producing she can be found on a marathon course, hiking or traipsing around a park with her dog Barley. Tina also serves a voluntary board member for  Cancer Lifeline & Banchero Disability Partners

PHOTO BY: Photo Credit:  http://www.izzygirl.com

PHOTO BY: Photo Credit: http://www.izzygirl.com

Joelle Nole

Managing Director

Joelle brings +15 years of strategic leadership in industries ranging from entertainment, philanthropy, IT, marketing and digital media. She has experience leading projects, teams and organizations of all types of companies from large enterprise Fortune 100 to Silicon Valley startups. Joelle's primary focus is on business operations and strategic planning, drawing on her extensive background in project management and organizational change.

Sean DeTore

Audio Editor/Creative Sound Engineer

Sean De Tore has been in the radio business for over a decade. Born in NJ, but has lived most of his life in Seattle and even England in his 20's. He's a radio host + producer, audio engineer, and jack of many trades --- including but not limited to: terrarium enthusiast, pinata artist, pinball wizard and a master mixtape maker.

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Abigail Leong

Associate Producer

Abigail Leong is a Seattle University student studying journalism and business entrepreneurship. Before working for Larj, she co-produced an audio story that was published in the Seattle Globalist and solo-produced a podcast series for the New Media Film Festival. When her headphones are off, you can find Abigail spinning in her cyr wheel at the circus or cuddling her corgi Horatio.