We are podcast junkies and audiophiles making award-winning shows with some of the the most exciting movers and shakers, industry thought leaders and celebrities. While we do spend an inordinate amount of time wearing head phones, we foster a creative and collaborative team environment. 

We are currently looking to grow our stable of freelance producers and editors as well as adding one or two summer interns. Have a look at the general descriptions for skills and capabilities we seek.


You’re a podcast junkie and a story teller with a keen sense of sound, you can edit and direct junior and senior level editors to create the sound and story that makes for a great show. You’re comfortable managing timelines, budgets and client relations. LEARN MORE


You are an audiophile with a passion for telling stories using audio, music and sounds. You love finding sounds under the rocks and selecting the perfect score to tell the story. LEARN MORE


You’re a creative and enthusiastic podcast junkie, hungry to learn the art of the business, you’ve dabbled in editing and are ready to help create new shows. LEARN MORE


You’re creative, witty, nimble and you long to tell the world about every move we’re making at Larj. You are a veracious podcast junkie currently in school studying, or recently graduated from, a digital marketing or PR program. LEARN MORE