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What our clients have to say about us


When we first entered into the world of broadcasting, we were extremely fortunate to have Tina Nole to help us learn the ropes. Tina’s been an outstanding professional coach, teaching us both the obvious and subtle touches that create an engaging listener experience. She not only knows her stuff, but she has the courage to give specific and meaningful feedback, always pushing us to get better and not letting us do less than we are able. But along with the tough love we’ve also felt all along that we had a warm, caring, and funny friend along for the ride.  If you’re willing to get help from an outstanding professional we recommend you work with Larj Media & Tina.

-Jim Hessler Host of the Boss Show






If you want a professionally produced podcast, look no further than Larj Media. Their patience, vision and ear for what can turn a good podcast into a great one is what makes working with Tina and her crew so special. Whatever the topic, Larj Media is quick to understand our aims and put together episodes which enhance our ideas. We highly recommend them!

-Civic Skunk Works, Nick Hanauer








In our business the next best thing to good food and great service is personal  touch.  Being able to speak directly to my customers and in turn creating a personal conversation.  Everyday I’m out someone stops me and declares their love for our radio show.  That connection ie…touch is as valuable to me as someone walking through the front door of any of our restaurants.  

– Tom Douglas