Producer/Show Runner (Part-Time/Contract)

You’re a podcast junkie with a keen sense of sound and story. You can not only take on editing but direct junior and senior level editors to create the sound and story that makes for a great show. You’re comfortable managing timelines, budgets and client relations. You enjoy working independently and are also happy being part of a growing team. 

What you’ll Do

·      Help lead all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production, including actively participating in ideation sessions with clients, developing trailers, identifying music clips to help create the branded sound of the show. 

·      Craft and execute production efforts including preparation, recording, editing, and gaining final approval through multiple revisions receiving input from Larj creative leadership and clients.

·      Assist with coordination of all elements of production including audio, music searches/composition, timing. Collaborate to achieve creative vision.

·      Book, prep for, record and produce interviews both in studio and in field.

·      During production, coach talent, give host and talent necessary guidance to ensure the quality of the sound/tone and energy, and story continuity.

·      Maintain timelines and meet deadlines, even under pressure, possibly balancing deadlines for more than one show at a time. 

·      Capture images, video during production in order to repurpose for social media and other marketing channels. Write copy for promotional usage, episode descriptions for publishing platforms and other marketing needs. May be required to maintain social media engagement for some shows.

What You Bring

·      Minimum three (3) years of experience producing, editing, and publishing long and short-form audio content. Can provide 3 examples of shows you’ve worked on, your role and your influence.

·      Very comfortable in all aspects of pre-production, production and post production, including final publishing.

·      Ability to professionally interact with hosts and guests, in preparation for recording sessions and while recording.

·      Can coach talent to help them sound better and stay on-message. 

·      Has experience writing copy and editing and is comfortable jumping in and handling it in a pinch. 

·      Capable of managing timelines, working under pressure and meeting deadlines. 

·      Ability to work with clients, accepting/assessing feedback and pushing back when appropriate and incorporating feedback as required to maintain client satisfaction.

·      Previous experience with social channels to include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube is preferred.

·      Proficient in Adobe Audition 


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