Intern – Production Assistant/Assistant Editor 

You are a story teller. You’re creative, curious and passionate about the art of weaving an unforgettable tale. You might especially be compelled by the power of a soundscape to shape mood and emotion, or to just put a very fine point on a strong argument. You listen to a wide variety of podcasts and critique them.   

You are enrolled in or have recently graduated from a creative media/communications/production department that allowed you to learn new skills in audio production, editing, sound engineering and maybe even some video production/editing, and you’re looking to further refine and develop those skills. 

We’re looking for someone like you to join us as we develop some thought-provoking shows with some of Seattle’s most influential thought leaders and companies. 

What we offer: 

  • Flexible schedule of 15 – 30 hours/week depending on your skills and capabilities and our business needs 

  • Opportunity to join us for live audience as well as in-studio recording sessions, ideation sessions and to lend your ear to shows in development and offer input/feedback  

  • Assisting our lead producers with hands on editing, research, sound engineering on shows currently in development 

  • Coaching and training on your area(s) of interest in some or all of the following:  podcast production, editing and publishing, and marketing.  

  • A fun, professional office in the heart of downtown Seattle and experience/training in using our studio 

  • Help/guidance/coaching from our lead producers/editors on your own creative works (as time allows) 

What you offer: 

  • A drive to get the most out of this experience by pursuing new challenges with curiosity, enthusiasm and desire to leave Larj better than you found it.  

  • A sense of urgency to timelines, follow through on your commitments, and pride and ownership in your work. 

  • A basic understanding of audio editing software (adobe audition) and audio equipment, including saving and working in session files. 

  • Ability to research topics to find sound, audio clips and music to enhance the narrative/story  

  • Written/verbal communication skills in a professional context – the ability to edit copy or an interest in copy writing for marketing will be an asset in this role. 

In addition to an hourly rate of $12 - $15/hour (dependent on experience) we are willing to work with your school to help you get credit for this internship, but the number of credits and the requirements to acquire them are dependent on your school and the program you’re enrolled in. 

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