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(By Tina Nole) I recently read an article from Entrepreneur Magazine Online with the headline “Want 7-Figure Podcast Downloads? Try These 5 Strategies,” and let me be the first to tell you, this article is not only misleading it’s completely ridiculous!

First of all, the number you should concern yourself with when it comes to podcast success is downloads PER EPISODE, not cumulative. The podcast game is about building an engaged audience, not one-time listeners.

In March 2018, Apple Podcasts passed 50 billion all-time episode downloads and streams. They report there are 550,000 shows and over 18.5 million episodes available for listeners. Being heard above all that noise is a huge challenge, and being heard by over a million pairs of ears is an even larger task. It can be done, and the suggestions put forward by the author of this article aren’t a bad start — but they are certainly not the path to a million listeners.

The author suggests asking your guests (assuming you have them) to promote your show, being conscious of length (30 minutes is the sweet spot), publishing consistently, asking for reviews, and using giveaways. But there is a great deal more you can do to boost your numbers.

Invest half of your budget in marketing
Whether your budget is actual dollars or your personal time and energy, half of that budget should go towards marketing your show. From paid and targeted social media advertising or boost posting to PR campaigns and guerilla marketing. This should be in your plan from the get-go.

Invest in a producer
If you’re not a trained journalist and have little public speaking or “behind the mic” experience, consider hiring a professional to coach you about how to sound authentic behind the mic, guide you to best practices with content, and coach you through (at least) your initial podcast idea and first few episodes.

Use professional equipment
I always say to my students if you expect me to put your voice in my ears for 20 minutes or longer, please respect your listeners enough to use a decent microphone.

Know your audience
I once heard that the Oprah team used an expression “Why does Jane care?” Jane represented their target audience, and they got to know Jane very well. They know how Jane spends her money, what she does in her free time, what she cares about, and ultimately who she is as a human. If you know your “Jane” you can go where she is to market your show. If your podcast is about yoga, for instance, your Jane likely does yoga, eats well, and is interested in the “wellness” movement. This can help you home in on where and how to market your show — whether with ad dollars or with time.

Get on other podcasts
Podcasters consumers tend to listen to five or more podcasts a week. Being a guest on another show gives you access to their audience, and they’re likely to subscribe to your show as well.

Last, do you really need a seven-figure podcast to achieve your goals?
It’s important to realize the enormous power of podcasting when it comes to intimately connecting with your target audience, and not to get caught up in the numbers game. Think of it this way: if 10 people listen to me (intimately) once per week for a half hour or more at a time, that’s pretty powerful. They’ll likely share me with their friends (if what I’m saying has a unique point of view and is well laid out). They’ll come to my parties, friend me on social media, and take a genuine interest in what I’m doing. Now multiply that by 10, and I have 100 people engaged with me, my voice, my brand intimately and consistently — that’s the equivalent of a university classroom. 200 – 500? That’s a conference! While it’s easy to get caught up in volume, the most valuable thing about a podcast listener is the reality that you are building a strong, long lasting, loyal, and ultimately consumer-driven audience — one pair of ears at a time.

Tina Nole is the Founder/Chief Creative at Larj Media. Larj Media produces podcasts for thought leaders, celebrities, and brands. 

Will Podcasting Kill the Video Star

(ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN Podcast Business Journal )

(By Tina Nole) As a former radio/news producer and child of the ’80s, it’s quite possible I have a chip on my shoulder because of the song “Video Killed the Radio Star.”  I mean, it’s not that I truly believe podcasting will overtake video completely as a marketing strategy for big brands and businesses, but I do believe it’s poised to give video a run for its money.

1) Podcast Listeners Stay Connected: When consumers watch video, the drop-off rate begins at 10 seconds when 20% of watchers click off. After 1 minute 45% drop, by 2 minutes over half the audience moves on to something else. Eighty-five percent of podcast listeners say they listen to all or most of a podcast, and the average length is 30 minutes. Think of that, your brand, voice, message in your audience’s ears, undivided for 30 minutes or longer.

2) Podcasts allow people to multitask: Watching a video means you’re trapped in a place for a specific period of time, not so with podcasts. Seventy-six percent of podcast fans listen on a smartphone or tablet while doing another task. They tend to incorporate listening into their daily lives – which makes listening mobile and habitual.

3) Time-shifted material = brand loyalty: Video viewership tends to be one and done, as opposed to podcast listeners who, when they find a show they like, tend to go back and listen to previous episodes. No matter how popular the first episode of your podcast is, the number of listeners to it will continue to grow – FOREVER. As you add episodes, and listenership grows, your previous episodes also gain new listeners. That can be very alluring to advertisers and sponsors.

4) Podcast listeners tend to be well educated and more affluent than the general population: That means they’re curious and they have more disposable income. When asked “Do you follow brands on Twitter and Facebook?” 48% of podcast listeners said yes, as opposed to 31% of the general population. So when it comes to brand engagement, podcast listeners are extremely well positioned to go farther, with a brand or product they like and trust – they’ll search for it online, like it on social, and ultimately will purchase that product or service.

76% — Explored
55% — Shared
25% — Purchased

5) Cost & Time Effective: Podcasting is a faster and more forgiving medium. No “lights, camera, action” – you can record in your pajamas in the dark if you want to, as long as you have a nice microphone.  Point is, you don’t need a fancy set-up to make a great-sounding podcast.

Sources:  Edison Research 2018 –

Tina Nole is the Founder/Chief Creative at Larj Media. Larj Media produces podcasts for thought leaders, celebrities, and brands. 

Why Podcast?

Virtually, Everyone is Listening

 In 2018, 44% of Americans ages 12 and older have ever listened to a podcast, according to Edison Research and Triton Digital survey data, and 26% have listened to a podcast in the past month, up from just 9% in 2008.That said, technically who listens to YOUR podcast is up to you! A strong podcasting strategy should include professional production as well as a robust marketing plan targeted to your demographic. Here is some additional data on podcast listenership:

·     At 27%, slightly more men listen to podcasts than women 24%

·     Podcast listeners are affluent and well educated, 16% have an annual household income of $150K or more compared to 10% of the general US population.

·     Podcast listeners have strong social brand following behavior– when asked “do you follow brands on twitter and facebook” – 48% of podcast listeners said yes, as opposed to 31% of the general population

·     Podcast listeners are active on social media – 94% of podcast listeners are on social media vs. 81% of the general US population.

·     Weekly podcast listeners spend a mean time of 6hrs 37mins/weeklistening to podcasts.

·     42% listen to the entire episode while 44% listen to most – by and large, listeners are loyal and committed to hearing out the whole episode.

·     They listen while on the go – 69% of podcast listeners listen on a mobile device or tablet



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Larj Media Teams up with The Young Turks


Larj Media Teams With The Young Turks (TYT) To Expand Network Into Growing Audio Market

We The People’ with Nina Turner and ‘Mouthy Messy Mandatory’ Highlight Slate of New Shows from Larj Media on Panopoly

SEATTLE – June 25, 2018 – Larj Media and The Young Turks Network have joined forces to co-produce a series of new podcasts that expand into the audio realm and will be distributed on podcast giant, Panoply. 

TYT Network, the largest online talk, news and entertainment network for the connected generation, are expanding into the soaring audio‐on‐demand industry with this new new collaboration with the innovative audio production company Larj Media. This marks the TYT’s biggest bet on audio‐driven content to date and a new business line for the company.  

Larj Media ( is a ground-breaking podcast production house that has developed immersive stories for brands, thought leaders, and celebrities. The Larj production team is made up of award-winning media professionals who have worked on projects including Nick Hanauer’s, the Other Washington, Seattle Kitchen with Tom Douglas and collaborations with Wine Enthusiast Magazine and Overlake Hospital.

This partnership takes me back to my roots in progressive politics and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the opportunity to work Nina Turner

– Tina Nole, Founder and Lead Producer, Larj Media

For the audio platform, TYT Network has partnered with Panoply Media to maximize distribution and reach of the network’s slate of shows. While The Young Turks, TYT’s signature news and politcs show, has been offered as an audio podcast in the past, today’s launch represents TYT’s first significant investment in original audio content. 

The collaboration includes We the People with Nina Turner, which explores strength, justice equality, progress and more through the eyes of the people most affected by today’s policies and politics. Nina Turner is President of the grass-roots progressive organization founded by Bernie Sanders, Our Revolution and former Ohio state senator. 

“Building an audio business is a natural extension of our award‐winning video business, and an excitng next step for us in our mission to make TYT’s distnct voice and diverse programming available everywhere people consume talk, news and entertainment content,” said TYT Network Founder and CEO Cenk Uygur. 

In addition, the Young Turks has added a Larj Media original production, Mouthy Messy Mandatory to their lineup. Mouthy Messy Mandatory is hosted by Katie Anthony and Ronit Feinglass Plank. It’s a weekly podcast covering news and politics through a feminist lens with irreverent voices that use edgy humor and brutal honesty to dig deep into today’s most controversial hot topics. 

 “We are fortunate to have the heft of a brand like TYT to take our work into the market with a distribution partner like Panoply who will bring a hungry audience to these rich, smart women-hosted shows.”  

- Joelle Nole Managing Director at Larj Media


About Larj Media

We are a full-service podcast production house developing immersive stories for brands, thought leaders, and celebrities. Our production team is made up of award-winning media professionals who will work with your brand to create the most engaging and consumer-ready content. Whether launching a new digital presence or refining your existing brand, we will help you extend your business beyond its current walls and website.


Tina Nole:






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A Seattle Company Is Working to Get More Women Into Podcasting

Larj Media's new network will feature podcasts developed, produced and hosted by women.


  • Seattle-based Larj Media has launched the Larj Network to feature podcasts developed, produced and hosted by women. “We want to create a platform for women of diverse backgrounds to have a distinct voice,” says Tina Nole, Larj Media’s founder and creative executive director.




From Larj Media to the Larj Network

Welcome to Your New Podcast Network. Created, Produced and Hosted by Women

Seattle, WA – March 20, 2018   Larj Media is proud to launch a podcast network created, produced, and hosted by women. According to Edison Research, even though women make up nearly half of all podcast listeners, only 21 of the top 100 podcasts on iTunes are hosted by women, and nine have women co-hosts. The Larj Network plans to close that embarrassing gap.

The network will feature original podcast programming created, produced, and hosted exclusively by women. Programming will be timely, thought-provoking and hilarious.

When Tina Nole started Larj Media, it consisted of a wine bag full of equipment, a plane ticket to Seattle, and the knowledge that radio was changing, and she was ready for it.

“I was flat out told in my radio career that women will listen to men, but men won't listen to women — so our target audience will always be men, ages 25-54.”

Over nearly a decade Tina, with her sister, Managing Director Joelle Nole,  transformed Larj Media into a full-service audio production house, telling immersive stories for brands, thought leaders, and celebrities, including the University of Washington, Tom Douglas, and Nick Hanauer.

But, it’s not only for women!

Content will focus on an eclectic mix of topics including (though not limited to) news and politics, entrepreneurship, self-development, the future of feminism, and relationships and dating. The common threads that tie all of us — not just women — together.

“Now is the time to produce thoughtful programs that inspire and create change,” says Joelle Nole. “Our vision goes beyond just great podcasts. We want to create a platform for women of diverse backgrounds to have a distinct voice.”

The Seattle-based network currently has 3 shows in production with an impressive and active subscriber base, and 9 shows in development. Beyond engaging content, Larj seeks to nurture its hosts into experts and thought-leaders in their fields.   

Shows currently in production:


On the Success Bully Podcast, Keita Williams (Success Bully Founder and Chief Strategist) breaks down those habits across time management, emotional state, goal setting, failure and accountability through relatable anecdotes and lively guests who are female founders and women in leadership.


Katie Anthony and Ronit Feinglass Plank talk feminism, family, funny broads, fantastic dames, and so many other f-words in this mouthy, messy, mandatory weekly podcast.


Ishea and Jess are two friends navigating their way through life in their 30s. Never short of an opinion and blessed with the gift of gab, they love trading tales about love, sex and the general f*ckery of life. Listen along each week as they host candid conversations that will have you laughing, crying, and feeling a little less alone in this crazy world. Because we all know where dating and relationships are concerned, shenanigans will follow. So, about that...

*Shows in development*

Women & Weed  (Cannabis)

Hosted by April Pride; podcast exploring the cannabis issues that impact women in a deeper and more personalized way.

NOT TODAY! (Personal Growth)  

Kelly Heron was on a marathon training run when she ducked into a bathroom and was brutally attacked by a man hiding there. While in the fight of her life, Kelly repeated the mantra “not today mother fucker!”  And indeed it was not the day she would be over taken. Kelly fought back and with the help of a stranger was able to escape the attack and hold the perpetrator in the bathroom until the police came to arrest him.  Her podcast “Not Today”, explores the stories of women who overcome large obstacles to obtain their dreams.

The Great Big FBomb Breakfast Club To-Go Cup (business & tech news)

A highly caffeinated, steaming hot take on the week’s business, media, and technology news… with a feminist and foul-mouthed twist. Every Friday, FBomb founder Megan McNally and guests break down the fabulous and the fucking ridiculous. Plus, we’re tracking dollars and taking names in our monthly Venture Froth.

Life Goes Sideways/ working title (Personal Finance)

When life went sideways for Chanel, she found herself in a  tail-spin of worry, fear, grief, and sadly, even regret. But when she told her story to others, the lessons were similar, and the feelings universal. Over half of the US is terribly unprepared to answer the relatively easy question: "What happens if something happens?" There has got to be a better way to plan for the best and be prepared for the worst – and that's what the GYST Podcast is here to do. For all of us.

To subscribe and listen, visit

For press inquiries:




About Larj Media

Founded in 2011, Larj Media was born to help brands, thought leaders, and celebrities find their podcasting voice, and ensure their audience hears it. As the only full-service podcast production house in the northwest, Larj Media helps clients tell a compelling story with national network quality recording, production and editing and robust marketing strategies. Current client roster includes Seattle Kitchen featuring Seattle Chef Tom Douglas, Nick Hanauer with Civic Action’s  The Other Washington, Overheard by Overlake Hospital and more.

Larj Media is also the parent company for The Larj Network which feature original programming developed, produced and hosted by women who like to live larj.




Introduction to Podcasting

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Podcasting can help you to reach out to new audiences and better engage with the audience you already have. It also can be a lot of fun. Learn to create a podcast from the ground up! This course covers equipment, distribution, hosting, attracting listeners, what to talk about, podcast marketing, building a community, and more! Finish the class equipped with the knowledge to begin producing your own show. The course creator is an award winning radio & podcast professional, Larj Media.    



Introduction to Podcasting Class

Learn to create a podcast from the ground up. Covering equipment, distribution, where to host your show, how to get listeners, what to talk about, plus podcast marketing, building a community, and more! Finish class equipped with the knowledge to begin producing your own show. The course creator is an award winning radio & podcast professional.

4 Sessions 

2 Hours Each

6:30pm - 8:30pm

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